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What they say about us?

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We are proud of our company and all of our professionals who carry out our operations and projects, or share their knowledge in the courses we offer.

What they say about us?

ADTS Group in the world of dronesADTS Group professionals applying their knowledge as instructor pilots of commercial aviation have generated their own operational procedures that bring control technology and piloting from AirElectronics o the customer, offering services and training operation professionalism and only safety in the civil sector.
Antón hernández: ceo of airelectronics

Aeronautical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Specialized in hardware and software development related laws and control UAVs flying alongside two other aeronautical engineers.

Welcome for world of drones The offer that ADTS Group has through its various business divisions on the world of UAV is unparalleled not only nationally but internationally. Along with applications and technologically advanced products, as well as its training facilities, its educational offering is of a higher level in such an innovative sector.
Ellina Williams: Envato Market