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We can define training as the qualification of the candidate in the comprehensive knowledge of the aircraft, environment, legislation, weather conditions and procedures for exercising safely the control of the RPA unit.

ADTS develops a unique training plan in the world under the guidance of innate still Haruz-FCL and selective in order to achieve international excellence. The legal requirement to have a minimum aviation training to operate both RPA's as UAV's, makes this branch essential in ADTS.

The changing European legislation and the increasing demand for drone pilots, makes ADTS, in collaboration with the most prestigious aeronautics schools in the country, impart a much complete training programme than the current offer both teaching hours and hours of simulator training standards and practices.

Our desire is to train qualified personnel who can run our own operations in ADTS.

Phone:  916324694
Visit us:   ADTS Group,
UPM Campus de Montenagcedo
Edif, CAIT.28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón
Madrid, España

with access to job market

The operator ADTS Group, headquartered at the University Campus UPM Montegancedo, began a period of training to acquire qualified to carry out their own operations to the growing demand that is personnel.

  • Theoretical course- 140 hours

  • Simulation course - 20 hours

  • Practice flight - 25 hours

  • Qualification - 40 hours

  • Price and squares

  • Start and duration

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