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ADTS Group Partners


Airelectronics offers complete systems for UAV flight control from the autopilot until the simulator, products that aim to provide the best customer experience UAV operator or manufacturer.

In direct collaboration with specialized companies, ADTS provides data collection services surveying for large areas and Tele-detection service for agriculture (remote sensing).

Unmanned aerial platforms (UAV) have allowed the development of new methods, more accurate, faster and at lower cost. Airelectronics, specializes in the design of UAVs and their multiple applications, is responsible for conducting all tasks involved in developing the program, collecting information by aerial means and subsequent analysis of results.

AIRELECTRONICS Steering and Control Systems



Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes
GTI - Image Processing Group Theory, Methods and Applications

GTI - Image Processing Group

The Image Processing Group (GTI) is a research group on theory, methods and applications of digital image processing, primarily targeted for compression and analysis.