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The evolution in the industry has a tendency to reduce and simplify the man's presence. The current trend is unquestionably the unmanned vehicle, especially drones and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

ADTS Group through companies in the group provides a wide range of services being its main business operation.

Always in compliance with current and evolving regulatory standards in ADTS we study the needs and characteristics of each client in order to developed specific solutions for the following activities:

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ADTS activities

  • Research and development;
  • Air, pesticides and other substances that pose spread on the ground or the atmosphere, including product launch activities for firefighting treatments;
  • Remote sensing: accurate information about the physiological state of the plants and water stress;
  • Aerial surveys; orthomosaics 2D and 3D models;
  • Observation and aerial surveillance activities including filming and monitoring of forest fires, borders and concrete spaces.
  • Research and instrumental recognition: equipment calibration, meteorological exploration, marine, geological, archaeological or oil, and transmission link, radio, receiver, repeater radio or television;
  • Emergency operations, search and rescue;
  • Infrastructure control: wind farms, pipelines, power lines control, etc;
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In ADTS we carefully chose the systems for each project and we are equipped with the most advanced technology in the civil sector. Our technology is used by INTA, the Spanish armada and international armies.

We provide a disruptive cost for any work that we propose.

If you need more information we will be happy to assist you:
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