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Meet A D T S

ADTS Group

ADTS Group is constituted by 4 large groups that work together to form a quality institution and provide a single comprehensive service in its category.

Dedicated to the operation, training and management of UAVs, each division has qualified professionals with with years of experience in their field.

ADTS Air Electronics Group is working with the development and use of advanced control technology and UAV pilot in order to provide a high-performance service to our customers.

Meet ADTS Group

ADTS Solutions is the division in charge of the study , planning and execution of operations.
Under the high quality standards of the group, ADTS Solutions offers our clients a team of highly qualified professionals and the more advanced technology in piloting to ensure excellent results.
Our pilots have been trained by ADTS Training and exceeded all internal quality controls and have all the legal requirements for the execution of projects at national and international level.
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adts solutions

Because of the exponential demand for services in the recent months, ADTS Trainning in collaboration with aeronautical schools, imparts training on UAV to provide qualified to supply the labor exchange of ADTS Solutions staff.

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adts solutions

ADTS Rental makes a personalized study of the needs of each client and offers sales , leasing and renting of UAVs.

adts solutions

ADTS Media is responsible for implementing audiovisual operations and in collaboration with partner companies offer special effects, editing and production .

adts solutions

Business philosophy

  • Our objetive

    Maintain our prominent position in a sector marked by the exponential growth in use of unmanned systems in numerous sectors, empowering teams, cutting-edge applications and train highly qualified personnel to carry it out the projects.
  • Our offer

    ADTS Group offers a range of < strong> comprehensive services in order to meet different customer needs, a highly qualified team is responsible for developing operations, applying the most advanced control technology and the most innovative systems of civil panorama.
  • Our projects

    By applying a revolutionary own software and applying the flight configuration best suited to each operation, we provide solutions, both companies and individuals, to obtain information unimaginable with other methods.
  • Our disposal

    WeWe develop operations nationally and internationally in fields as diverse as wind or thermal plants, gas pipelines, power distribution networks, precision agriculture, fishing, fire control, surveying, surveillance, sports or aerial photography. Feel free to contact us with any need.


The founding partners meet for the first time caught in a technology with endless possibilities .



First steps

We began to study the market and its possibilities, noting the expansion of a sector near future.




A group of professionals with a common interest is consolidated, creating a leader in the sector.



A strong project is developed

Thanks to Royal Decree 08/2014, ADTS project is born.



A comprehensive service

Concerned about the development of a comprehensive service with unmanned systems, ADTS becomes ADTS Group, presenting its four companies: ADTS Solutions, ADTS Training, ADTS Rental and ADTS Media.




We expect 25 operations nationally and internationally and 150 pilots



Our Skills

ADTS Group offers customized solutions for each client. Our agreements with different technological and aeronautical companies and the integrity of our service positions us at the forefront of the sector.< /strong>


  • Experience
  • Seriousness
  • Technology
  • Passion

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